Raising child in Indian Joint family

Joint family is a family in which more than one generation lives together under one roof. For example parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, children altogether.

Some of the advantages of raising kids in Joint Family structure are;

  • We do not put our kids in day care, neither do we hire maids to take care of our kids. Grandparents and relatives take very good care of them. The love and care which grandparents can shower on kids cannot be compared with care of any day-cares or maids. It is from their parents and grandparents that kids first learn to play squishies outside.
  • Since the entire family stays together the expenses are shared too. No one is burdened with the expense of the entire household.
  • There are a usually a few kids in the house so the sharing of clothes and toys reduces the expense on the kids too. Kids, also, aren’t into those expensive types. Simple bird squishies will do.
  • The child grows on to become a strong individual both physically and emotionally. Physically, because there are people who will keep a keen eye on her, protecting her from any probable accidents. She receives so much love and warmth from everyone in the house that she becomes emotionally strong too.
  • The child learns the virtue of sharing because she sees that each and everything in the house is being shared by everyone. This also curtails the arrogance in the kids.
  • As a parent if I go somewhere for a couple of hours then I don’t have to worry a bit because each and everything would be taken care of. My child would be as happy when I return as I had left her. Properly fed, rested and entertained.
  • The kid learns to adjust to every situation in life. When you live with so many people adjusting with each other is a virtue you have to master.
  • The kid learns to respect elders.
  • The kid learns a lot from all the elders in the house. Her grandparents tell her about their pasts and cultures of the family.
  • There is never a dull moment in life. There are so many people to play with her that she never feels alone.
  • If someday I am feeling sick or unwell I don’t have to worry at all. Not only will my daughter’s needs be taken care of but simultaneously I would also be pampered till I have healed completely.
  • The child learns about her culture and festivals. Every festival here is celebrated with great fanfare.

These were some of the benefits of living in the joint family system which are rampant in India.

The family which lives together, stays together.