Durable Onesies To Endure The Coldest Nippy Nights

Buy Durable Onesies and Enjoy This Winter!

Winter work wear is selected on a variety of parameters. And all the parameters are set not by taste and design preferences, but by production and vital necessity. First of all, winter clothing should not hamper movements and ensure the efficiency of the employee at low temperatures. Fortunately, onesies are comfortable to wear in any weather. This makes you work productively during winter. Also, onesies come in baby sizes, too. So that your kids can play comfortably during this cold weather.

Specifications and requirements

The requirements for protective clothing for durability, comfort, heat saving and versatility are always higher than for ordinary clothing. Due to the special importance of protective clothing for the protection of life and health, its production is regulated by state standards.

GOSTs, that is, the approved rules governing the issuance of work wear, completeness, rules of cutting and tailoring up to the width of the stitches. Take into account ergonomics, the ability to control the density of fit, the functionality of products. Also in the guests indicated while working in the cold for which onesies are designed climatic zones and recommendations on the applicability of materials indications in which cases are permissible, for example, the lack of insulation of work wear hood Strictly speaking, the sets, made without compliance with GOST, are not onesies, and are sold as insulated clothing for workers. When following state standards, you can be sure of compliance with the system for the protection of occupational safety.

Complete set of winter work wear

What is a set of adult onesies? This may be a set of a warm onesies with a hood and warm pants, semi-onesies with adjustable straps with a onesies, insulated vests for warehouse workers. On the men’s winter onesies in the kits of special hostages, there should be a bar for protection against the wind, not less than 10 cm wide. The complete set may also include thermal underwear, safety shoes, and protection of hands, head and face. Sewing high-quality winter clothing, modern materials and fillers are widely used. Such as holo fiber, polyester coatings, breathable membrane gaskets. All woven and non-woven materials and accessories, approved for use in the manufacture of work wear, are subject to mandatory testing for compliance with the applicable State Standards of the American Federation.

The use of multi-layer construction of modern materials in the manufacture of winter clothing, allows for maximum functionality, getting clothes at the same time warm, protects from the wind and at the same time quite thin. For that perfect set of winter wear onesies visit kigurumi.co

Pay attention to the materials advertising

The use of holofiber as a filler is due to the fact that this non-woven material has a porous, unstructured texture. Porous fibers are arranged randomly, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the material, making it an excellent heat insulator. The fiber does not wrinkle, with strong compression easily restores the insulating properties. The use of synthetic membranes due to their main property is to skip certain substances, but only in one direction. The membrane is a porous material with micro-pores. Breathable membranes in clothes allow sweat and evaporation of the human body to the outside. Approximately the same property has underwear. Onesies using membranes are premium class and require special care. An outer, water-repellent layer of clothing can be made from a breathable membrane or a layer with a membrane can be used as a gasket for onesies thermoregulation system. Protective polyester coatings used in the manufacture of winter clothing are diverse and are highly frost resistant. At the moment, polyester fabrics are considered the most common in the manufacture of protective coatings.

Winter onesies for men: durable and warm models

Winter clothing is created in order to preserve health and performance, to ensure comfort and safety for workers of various professions who perform work in unheated premises and in the open air. Such clothing is distinguished by a high degree of thermal insulation, wind protection, water resistance, wears resistance, and also does not hinder movement.

Modern clothes for special purposes cannot be compared with the former quilted onesies. It is distinguished by the following qualities. Convenience and light weight clothing designed in such a way that it is an easy and comfortable onesie to play in it.

Thermoregulation modern materials, in particular, membrane tissue, and cut features a detachable vest, a removable hood do not allow both hypothermia and employee overheating.

Safety protective clothing reliably protects the employee from contact with harmful and hazardous substances.

Compactness and crushability, it is convenient to store such clothes.

Durability and ease of care special impregnations and fabrics used in the manufacture of work wear protect it from premature wear and repel pollution.

A neat and modern look such clothing allows you to emphasize the importance of each employee, gives it a presentable look and makes it possible to use such clothes not only in production but also in everyday life.

Quality assurance

Production of specific models is carried out in accordance with the TO, which allows to guarantee high quality products. The use of advanced technologies, modern materials and functional placement of parts provide ease of operation.

Materials and fabrics

For sewing models, the manufacturer uses only high quality materials:

  • Fabrics from natural and mixed fibers with various types of impregnations (water-repellent, dirt-repellent, oil-resistant, etc.),
  • Natural lining materials (fleece, micro-fleece, knitwear, etc.),
  • Insulating materials with high heat-shielding properties (tinsuleyt, sintepon, hollofayber), which corresponds to the standards of sanitary and hygienic requirements of GOST.
  • Wind protection membranes, backstage and modern windproof fabric are used for wind protection. Increased strength of the products is provided by double stitches and protective inserts. The model range is distinguished by the richness of color solutions, which, together with the application of the company logo on the clothing, allows you to create a single corporate style.

Products made of natural silk, no matter how breathable, light, high-quality and soft they were not, it is better to postpone for older age. Silk, by virtue of its properties, can cause a lot of anxiety to the child with its slip, and wearing such pajamas will not at all have to comfort, comfort and comfort. To make someone happy, this onesie makes a beautiful gift.

For safety, try to avoid buying items with a lot of decorative elements, such as ribbons, sequins, beads, lacing, and clasps.

As we have said, many girls are crazy about nightgowns, so reminiscent of the image of a beautiful adult woman. However, when buying them, make sure that the length of the shirt does not interfere with the child in a dream. After all, beauty loses along with good quality sleep, which can be in jeopardy if the child becomes entangled in night clothes.