9 Healing Powers Of Chakra Bracelets That Will Blow Your Mind

Chakra bracelets, The spiritual site of the most popular fashion jewelry

Bracelets, created on the basis of an analysis of a person’s natal (birth chart), are not just jewelry, but a powerful tool for life correction. In this article we will concentrate on the healing powers of chakra bracelets , meaning of each stone.

Muladhara is the astral channel of Saturn.

Muladhara (root, foundation, foundation, basis, support), this chakra is associated with the inert, material world in the lowest manifestations (self-preservation, home, comfort).

When the channel is functioning without distortion, a person has a sense of strength and vitality. He is firmly on his feet. He has high resilience to diseases he is alerting, resilient and decisive in his daily activities. The harmonious work of this chakra allows a person to perform rough physical work, monotonous, without active participation in the process of brain activity. Muladhara connects a person with the earth element, gives a feeling of confidence and stability. The stronger we stand on the ground, the simpler and easier our physical existence in the material world becomes.

The bracelet is charged with the divine energy of Reiki!

There are several ways of correction for the correct operation of the Muladhara chakra, its opening and harmonious functioning. One of them is with the help of astrology, and specifically through conformity, the planet chakra is a natural mineral. You can find the perfect chakra bracelets at braceletworld.co

Swadhisthana, the astral channel of Jupiter

The chakra is located in the lower abdomen, between the navel and genitals. Responsible for procreation, sexuality. The main driving force behind the channel is the search for pleasure. Sexual activity and sensuality are the main aspirations of Svadhisthana. Having the opportunity to get everything you want, to feel attractive, to plunge into the ocean of sensations are the main needs corresponding to the energy of this chakra. At the level of the Muladhara root chakra, a person is concerned about his safety in the world, the creation of an elementary comfort of existence, and at the next level, the Svadhisthana world, and all things in it are considered as the source of those other material pleasures. Here, with a stricken or weak Jupiter in the natal chart, pleasure is already included, from possession, from consumption.

A person with a strong Jupiter in the birth chart has a high sexual potency. Due to the social conventions imposed on us, this center is often blocked this leads to the loss of sexual intercourse, to excessive modesty, emotional stiffness and numerous complexes. The physical manifestations of the blocked Svadhisthana chakra, frigidity, impotence, prostate, uterine diseases, difficulties or any extremes occur in the genital area.  There are several ways of correction for the correct operation of the Svadhisthana chakra, its opening and harmonious functioning. One of them is with the help of astrology, and specifically through conformity, the planet chakra is a natural mineral.

Anahata, the astral channel of Venus

Anahata is the heart chakra of Love. It is located in the center of the chest, at the level of the heart. The Venus Channel is associated with love feeling, compassion, there is no sexual coloring here, and it is a manifestation of sublime feelings. Anahata is the center of high emotions. Anahata has a close connection with Manipuri, the channel of Mars, both of these chakras are emotional channels, and when the chakra of the solar plexus is excited, the heart chakra is also excited. Only from the level of the fourth chakra is the path of cooperation possible. Here compassion is awakened, because what is good for everyone is good for everyone.

Harmonization of the chakras leads to the emergence of inner faith. Man begins to realize that the power of God is manifested through the love of all living things. Thanks to this awareness, the functioning of the chakra moves to a higher level. As a result, our love extends not only to people close to us, but also to the entire Universe.

Failure in the work of the chakras is reflected, first of all, on a person’s ability to give love and receive. It happens that a person seems to love it seems so from the outside, cares, supports loved ones. But in fact, he does not experience true feelings, because his heart chakra cannot connect to the source of divine love.

This situation often leads to spiritual exhaustion. On the one hand, a person constantly gives love, but on the other, he cannot receive it. Therefore, sooner or later the body begins to suffer from a lack of love. The imbalance of the chakras greatly influences the building of relationships. As soon as a person blocks a channel through which he can receive love, he has a strong conviction that he is not worthy of love. His energy levels no longer attract love to him. It is clear that such a person is extremely difficult to build a strong family. He will fear any manifestation of feelings on the part of his half, become isolated, become rough and cold.

Vishuddha, the astral channel of Mercury

The chakra is located in the clavicle area. This channel is responsible for human speech, communication and vocal abilities. This chakra encourages a person to express. In this case, these bracelets creatively express yourself. Artistic authorship, talent of the writer, drawing, music, dancing and other forms of creative expression are made available through this channel. In Vishuddha is the center of inspiration. It translates the creative abilities that form in the sexual chakra to the highest level. Due to this, a person gets the opportunity to create, write poetry, music, draw, and dance.

Vishuddha is responsible not only for the self expression of a person, but also for the ability to listen and we are talking here not only about external hearing, but also about the internal one, which allows to hear the prompts of the Universe. The development of this ability gives peace, serenity, confidence in the future. If objectiveness in judgments is added to this, a person can sort out his inner self and understand the laws of the world around him. Conversation with your inner voice leads to the assimilation of new knowledge about yourself, to a deeper understanding of what is happening in the soul and heart. There are several ways of correction for the correct functioning of the chakra of Vishuddhi, its opening and harmonious functioning. One of them is with the help of astrology, and specifically through conformity, the planet chakra is a natural mineral.