How to Raise a Wise Child

Parenting is a big task and you need to have every good point in your child eliminating each and every bad ones. However, at any step, this must be clear to all parents that children are also human beings and they can also make mistakes. Since their age is tender and they have less maturity, they make more and silly mistakes. It is only the high expectations of the parents that they get irritated and scold or yell at their children.

If you think that your child is wise and he has knowledge and intelligence more compared to that of the children of his age, you need to be more careful in addition to being proud of your child. A wise child will try to use his intelligence in every field and it is your duty to keep him glued on the right track. We, parents need to nurture and safeguard our children. We have to limit their exposure to damaging elements and do our best to bring up a healthy and wise child.

Follow these tips to the ‘T’ for raising a wise child. 

Develop Positive Environment

Let your child know that you are extremely happy when he arrives. Let him see the excitement and the light dancing in your eyes. Greet him warmly and say his name loud. Such affection will fill in him the joy and enthusiasm of facing the world.

Limit Television Viewing

Limit your child’s television viewing. Make sure he watches educational and creative programs and channels. This is important because since your child is gifted, he might make wrong use of other exciting and thrilling channels. It might turn dangerous at times.

Encourage Your Child to Make Rules 

Ask your child to make his rules and go through them. If the child decides on his own when and what to study, he will perform better. Let him decide when he wants to complete his homework and study. You can give your advice or let him experiment for a week with his routine.

Be Your Child’s Support System 

Support your child’s feeling of getting bored. Everyone gets bored sometime or another in life. This is a natural phenomena and everyone goes through this. Try to engage him in the things that are of his interest. Allow your child to develop his creativity in the field that makes him happy.

Spend Quality Time with Your Child 

Let your child know that he is more important than your work. Pay attention to the topic or the problem of your child, no matter even if you are extremely busy.
Practice before you preach. Be a role model for your child. Children imitate their parents and so if you are able to show a decent and matured behaviour all the time, your child will follow suit. One form of bonding is to dance together. You can try buying corsets for dancing not just for you but for your kids also. You will have a great, albeit healthy time.

Tips for Raising a Wise Child

Here are some more tips for raising a wise child.

  • Start teaching your child about manners as early as possible.
  • Create a mannerly environment in your home. Say ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ when necessary so that your child learns all these things at home.
  • Talk to your child as if he is a person and never treat him like a baby while talking to him.
  • Sit and read with your child and encourage him at intervals.
  • If your child is small, do not allow him to play video games. Research shows that kids playing games on mattress all day long will make them dumb.
  • Teach him morals as early as possible.

Raising a wise child is a difficult task because you have to stay cautious also at every step. In addition, you need to mould him very carefully and vigilantly. Do not hurt the self esteem of your child and help him know about the good and wrong as early as possible.